Join us in our movement! 

NOW is the time to inspire change in our world!  There are so many extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Using this website and social media we will extend the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary deeds in their everyday lives.  We hope to inspire movement, promote good will, encourage participation, and award incredible people.

How can you get involved??

1.…Nominate!!  Do you know someone who is doing something extraordinary?  Who makes a difference in your life??  -Mother, sister, father, brother, boss, librarian, coworker, friend, teacher, mentor, etc.  Click the NOMINATE link above and fill out the form.  Nominations are accepted year round.  We will review all nominations and our judging committee will select the monthly Extraordinary Person.  Every nominee will receive a nomination certificate and we will highlight as many extraordinary stories.

2… Read the extraordinary stories and spread word!  Enjoy the positive vibe we are promoting.  Be a part of promoting that positive vibe to your family, friends, and colleagues.  Follow us on Facebook and share the good will!

3…Get inspired!  Get creative!  Get going!  Allow yourself to do something positive for your family, community, state, and country.  Celebrate!  We can all make a difference is someone’s life!

Extraordinary people are out there…Let’s let them know how extraordinary they really are!